What do to while waiting in line to VOTE!!

People are waiting anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours and 15 minutes to cast their vote today.  However long it takes…WAIT.  Use the bathroom before you go, eat something, take whatever ID you will need and be proud, and prepared. Five things you can do while waiting in line at the polls.

  1. Take your phone fully charged.  It’s a tool and an asset.  If anything jumps off you have the ability to capture it on video on with a picture.  Look up and proposals you may not know about from a reliable news medium and get caught up before voting. Take pictures and post them on FB and twitter and keep encouraging your friends and followers to vote.
  2. If you have a kindle/ipad, you can catch up on a movie or a show that you have wanted to see.  You definitely have the time to watch at least one sitcom. This also the PERFECT time to have an e-book. I recommend my own :), but any book that you need to dive into, use the time wisely.
  3. Talk to your neighbors.  You only see them once every blue moon as it is.  This is a perfect opportunity to say hey and get caught up.  Encourage those around you.  If you see their enthusiasm waning, give them an atta boy…if it’s a young person; let them know you are proud of them.
  4. Take a snack and something to drink.  Something like peanut butter crackers, graham crackers or a piece of fruit, raisins, nuts or dry cereal make the perfect snack.  A bottle of water is good to have as well.
  5. Call your mother. (or your aunt, sister, friend…) anyone you know you won’t get a word in edgewise.  So all you are really doing is listening and passing the time.  I don’t recommend calling anyone that you will get in an engaging conversation with.  It’s rude to do that in the close proximity of crowds.  If the call gets to be too much, say it’s time for you to vote and hang up.  

Preparation is the key to keep frustrations to  a low roar.  This isn’t an everyday occurance..not even an every year occurance.  Its one day…a few hours that you need to sacrifice to make your voice count.  Dig in and GET IT DONE.