BE Authentic..Removing the Masks of Phoniness

As of January 1st 2013 several hospital systems in the S.E. Michigan will adopt a no tobacco policy. I don’t mean like your typical “no smoking on the grounds” policy. It’s a “no employee, no doctor, no nurse, no housekeeping staff, no patient…and no one near our facility will ever be a smoker” kind of policy. From here on out, no employee can smoke on OR off grounds nor can they SMELL of tobacco products. Also, they will no longer hire anyone in the future that uses any tobacco products. As you could guess it caused a minor uproar with the smokers and even as a non-smoker I thought wow, that’s extreme and what will be next?
masksHowever, after giving it more thought. They are right. It is purely hypocritical for a place or a person that promotes health and well-being,be in charge of taking care of patients yet destroy themselves with a proven detriment to our bodies. The same is true for being overweight, an alcoholic or a drug abuser. You cannot tell patients to take their medication and eat a restricted diet while you smell like a box of Virginia Slims menthol. They are eliminating the double standard and it’s high time that we look at our own personal life policies and determine what needs to go in order for us to be authentic. The days of living a double life and as the old folks say “talking out the side of your neck”are over.
• Would you hire a  life coach that’s in debt up his eyeballs and has a destructive marital relationship.
• Do you want a health professional who eats junk food, doesn’t exercise and is 50 pounds overweight.
• Are you a parent who monitors what your kids watch, but you set no parameters for yourself.
• Do you honor and take care of your spouses’ or your best friends parents but you don’t revere your own.
• Does your desk at work looks better than your desk at home.
• Do you tell your kids to keep their things neat, but your car looks like a disaster area.

The contradictions can go on and on. As a society we have become so accustomed to wearing masks and putting on fronts that we have perfected phoniness. As I mention in my book, A Princess Cut Diamond, “…being two people is way too complicated, it is simpler to develop my character to one that I can be proud of”. In order to create the life that we can be proud of 24/7, we are going to have to take 100% accountability for making it happen. This will require eliminatinNo-More-Excusesg all of the excuses. We must forget all the reasons why we cannot or rather why we have not changed up until now. In order to become authentic, you must stop blaming outside circumstances.
If you do not see your life producing the results you want or you see a contradiction in your life, ask yourself honestly “How did I create that?” and “What do I need to change about my process in to see the results I want to see?” It’s easy to get mad at your employer at a hospital for banning smoking, or a school for not hiring you as the nutrition teacher, when you are morbidly obese. You can continue blaming the “establishment” or you can change and make your life line up with the person you dream to be. So lets get the garbage out of your car, kick the negative habits and re-create the new you free from excuses, blame and phoniness.

A year from now you will wish you had started today -Karen Lamb