How to Develop Vision Boards

(From the upcoming book by CD Jamerson “10 strategies to reinvent your style without breaking your budget-A More Excellent Way Series © All rights Reserved 2012)

You hear about this tactic with corporations in their strategy room or even fashion designers who are figuring out color palettes for the upcoming season. It is rare that we will take the time to develop this important tool for ourselves. A vision board is a physical, visual display of various items, pictures and/or words that promote, stimulate and inspire you on a particular project, goal or venture. One of the best ways to get clear vision of what you are going after is to grab 5-10 of the latest fashion , business, health magazines and/ or pictures off of the internet that portray the goals you want to attain.

How to make your own vision board
Supplies: Magazines, internet pictures, poster boards, glue stick, scissors and creativity. Also keep in mind you can make a virtual vision board on Pinterest if you prefer. A physical vision board is better to keep in front of you in your bedroom or home office etc.. But Pinterest is convenient in that anytime you see anything on the internet that reflects your style-building project you can “pin it” to your board.
Personally, I have a vision BINDER,  pinterest boards and vision boards.

However, its best to start with boards. I recommend 5 areas (they may overlap) but you can change these to what you need:

Relationships (marriage, parenting, siblings, friendships, mentor/mentee, co-workers)
• Spirituality (scripture theme for the year, study habits, prayer life, tithing, extra commitments i.e conferences, outreach)
• Health & Wellness (eating habits, exercise, doctors /dentist appointments, skin care, vitamin supplements)
• Financial (streams of income, budget, saving, credit score, household remediation, investments)
• Personal (hobbies, dreams, appearance, character, habits,)

EVERY picture or word on the board, should mean something to YOU. That way at a glance you can see the board and you are immediately reminded of a commitment or goal that you set for yourself: So for example, I made this up real quick in Powerpoint, so you can see what I mean:

hthwell example

Every picture is a reminder of something I want to do:
1. The vitamins ( I need to start taking them more consistently)
2. The tooth /mammogram pic ( I have major dental work to get done in 2013 and I have to get a mammogram)
3. The food pictures ( clean up eating habits and cook “cleaner” meals with more fruits/veggies)
4. The Voss ( I HATE water, but love this bottle lol …it inspires me to drink more)
5. The Spa rocks ( a reminder to take time for myself to recharge and regroup)
6. The woman that is nude ( a reminder that I want to be comfortable in my own skin, so I have to up the hygiene, maintenance and care for my skin)
7. Women in bed putting on gymshoes (a reminder to exercise 1st thing in the AM instead of putting it off)
8. Woman jogging (a reminder that no matter where I start, I can do SOMETHING to make strides for where I want to go)

I hope that this gives you an idea of how to get started with your own vision boards.  Trust me, many people have adopted and are currently using  my personal organizational structure for setting up vision boards, goals, quarterly family meetings, quarterly personal meetings, mid year and budget reviews. I am sure they would attest that having these boards prepared will help you in July when you need a refresher of what you have committed for the year.  It is work.  It is fun.  It is necessary to organize your life and plan for what you want to achieve. If not now then, when…

© All rights Reserved 2012   From the upcoming books By CD Jamerson “A More Excellent Way Series…There is a better way to do everything”