Foo Fighters meet the Chairman of the BORED…

I thinkIn the movie “I think I love my wife” Kerry Washington’s character Nikki was making moves on Chris Rock’s character, Richard who is a married man. In an effort to get into his head and to see what he was thinking, feeling and how he was being influenced, Nikki made ONE move. It wasn’t anything sensual, provocative, or incendiary. It was a simple request. She said “give me your mp3 player”. When Nikki listened to his music, heard what he was hearing and understood the limits of his genres she understood the inadequate parameters of his perspective.  He was bored out of his mind. Given the scenes shown earlier in the movie, the audience already knew this to be true. But Nikki figured it out quickly and correctly by simply tuning her ears into what he was hearing. Trust me,  You can tell ALOT about a person by understanding what they have and have not been exposed to.

Nikki didn’t chide Richard for his limited repertoire of rap and gangsta music, but instead she challenged him to switch mp3’s with her and we see Richard later walking the streets with her headphones listening to the mellow sounds of an American alternative rock band called the Foo Fighters instead of his typical Biz Markie. He is now exposed to different. Not necessarily better, worse, greater or less than…just different. The camera angles show his view as he walking down the street and with new music in his ears, he sees things differently.

No, this isn’t a clarion call to run out and buy a Foo Fighters album. However, it is a challenge to view your surroundings including what you are watching, saying and hearing. If you are not pleased with where you are, understand that your perspective can be adjusted with a little exposure. I say in my book A Princess Cut Diamond that you “can’t desire more, better or different if you don’t know more, better or different exists.” Bishop Jakes stated at a leadership conference that “one of the best gifts you can give someone is exposure”. When you are exposed to what is outside of your paradigm, your perspective broadens and you have the potential to see things differently. You can then make different decisions based on NEW information.
Confession:  I’m most dangerous when I’m bored, and I have figured out over the years that I bore VERY easily.  The mundane does not thrill me long and the status quo will only suffice for a short time.  When things become stagnant they die and that includes people, dreams, ideas and thoughts.  When boredom surfaces in my lifeChairmanOfBored, I immediately expose myself to things outside of my current paradigm. Richard thought he didn’t love his wife anymore

Challenge: For the next 21 days adjust what you are hearing. Change the radio station. Instead of the top 40, try book radio or load a few Pandora stations with a genre you wouldn’t normally listen to. Change what you are reading. Put down the weekly gossip magazines, limit your social media and grab this month’s edition of Success magazine, or better yet start reading a classic novel.

Change what you are saying. Your ears hear what others are saying, but they hear YOU too. What you say to and about yourself will affect you. Instead of saying how much you hate the job you are on, say how much you are looking forward to the vacation you are saving for. Speak words of life and encouragement to you and about you. Change who you allow to speak INTO you. Consider going to a church where you can hear life changing words. Shut off the news during this time to give yourself a media break from negativity, crime and corruption.

I guarantee you that in 21 days, if you do this, it will adjust your perspective.  It w give your mind, will and emotions the cleansing they need to remove boredom and empower you with next level thinking. Who knows, you may even like the Foo Fighters.