Time to grab the bananas!

There is a story about five spirited monkeys who were placed in a cage.  In the cage was a ladder that led to a ripe large bunch of bananas.  The catch was that a powerful water hose was connected to the ladder.

When the first monkey climbed up the ladder to reach for a banana, the bananasentire cage was drenched with water.  The next monkey may her attempt up the ladder greedily ready to grab the bundle of bananas but she also triggered the shower on the cage connected to the ladder.  After a few feeble attempts it became abundantly clear to all the monkeys that if one tried to go for the bananas, they would all suffer the consequences of getting soaked.

One by one, as the original monkeys were swapped out of the cage for a new monkey, the newcomer would immediately race toward the bunch of bananas, but the group would beat him down before he made it up to the ladder.  This cycle continuously repeated itself everytime a new monkey was introduced to cage.    

Later the fire hose was removed and the threat of being showered with water was now gone, but it didn’t matter. The monkeys’ fear of going up the ladder had their lesson hardwired: Don’t reach for the bananas.  One by one, the monkeys were continuously replaced until NONE of the original monkeys were in the cage.  However, the SAME behavior persisted.

Why you ask?  Because they were taught the same lesson that some of us have been taught… “that’s the way we do things around here”.

There may be an area in your life that you are afraid to change or innovate because of your paradigm or the way you’ve been taught. You already have in your mind, though not proven that “it won’t work’. 

Your aunt tried to start a business in 1987 and it failed. 

Going back to school is a waste of time, Shawn has three degrees and still has no job.

My whole family is overweight and has diabetes, I’m bound to have it also. 

There is no way to earn a living but the 9 to 5 hustle.

My new idea will never be received by management.

How do you know that the water hose hasn’t been removed?  The obstacles that plagued your aunt may not be a part of your situation.  You can be the first in your family to whip diabetes thru education, diet & exercise.  You can be a small business owner, even if it starts part-time.  Do not be afraid of failing.  I know what the others around you have said.  I have heard the rumors about what climbing up the ladder can do…but take it one rung at a time.  No more fear, you can be the first to grab the bananas. The water hose is gone.