Interview with CDJ…Chloe and Max A Beautiful Surprise (Part 1)

Guest Blogger:  Hailey Adams, Executive Assistant to the CEO

umbrellacroppedFor those of you that follow C.D. Jamerson regularly you know that she has been working on a book project with the characters Chloe and Max.  The book is due on Labor Day, yet the prequel, tweets and updates about their back story were launched on Memorial day. I have had a blast seeing where she is going with story but given that it was such a change from her normal genre I asked her a few questions about it.  I convinced her to allow me to share it with others as it may help writers and inform her fan base of what’s on the horizon.

Hailey:  This book from what I can tell, is WAY different from the genre you normal write in.  A Princess Cut Diamond was a women’s motivation Christian based book and your other articles and freelance work range from fashion, step parenting and food..why the switch to romance mystery fiction?

Camille:  I was initially working on another book series and kept getting “stuck”.  Sometimes the best way to get moving is to write something unrelated to get your creativity flowing and then go back to your original project.  Once I started writing about Chloe…it was hard to just leave her in a folder. I was drawn to her struggles and her transparency.  So, my fiction “switch” wasn’t just happened.

Hailey:  Is fiction easier or more difficult than projects you have worked on in the past?

Camille:  For me, it’s definitely more difficult.  Sharing from your experiences is easier. You know what happened, you know how it happened, you know how it ends.  The worst part is figuring out how much to share.  With fiction, you are making it all up…some of the storyline may be drawn from past experiences of multiple people, friends, family or just acquaintances.  You have to tap into your innovation and creativity. It’s a lot more work as it requires more research, more accountability and more organization. You are telling a story that hasn’t happened, and you get to decide what happens. It’s powerful and daunting all at the same time.

Hailey:  Tell us about Chloe and Max…what makes them so special?

Camille:  I absolutely LOVE these two. Their wounds make them special. They are unlike anyone I have ever met…yet a culmination of several people I know.  Chloe is in a marriage that is abusive, demeaning and on life support.  She feels unloved, devalued and lost in a relationship that she can’t seem to get her arms around.  She is a professional woman and every other area of her life she manages well, except this.  She wants her marriage to work—she hates failure, but she also yearns to love and be loved in return.  Max is divorced and is in a relationship with the woman who helped him get through the divorce (in other words the rebounder).  She helped him heal and now he feels her place in his life has passed but he is afraid of being alone due to the abandonment by his mother. He is a gentleman with a gracious heart and a passionate spirit however; his relationships with his girlfriend and his ex-wife bring out a side of him that he despises.

Hailey:  So explain the “prequel” concept?  What has been going on with the story so far?

Camille:  I have really enjoyed being the first known social media prequel author! We started a few weeks before Memorial Day just tweeting short blurbs about each character. By the way, I actually have an awesome gentleman who tweets on behalf of Max. I wanted it from a man’s perspective and totally genuine.  On Memorial Day we published episode # 1 (on this blog and on facebook) and now we have done 6 more episodes since.  The story so far has given us a backdrop to a murder mystery that both  Chloe and Max are involved in indirectly. We have also covered some of the foundation of their heartaches and relationship issues. In the book, they will meet on Mackinaw Island and their wounds attract them to each other unlike any other relationship you have seen before. In August our focus will be promoting the book and making sure that everyone has read the prequel before the big launch on Labor Day!

Coming up next week—The beautiful Surprise part 2 Hear about the romance side of the story and how the murder mystery draws the characters together before possibly pulling them apart.