Interview with CDJ…Chloe and Max..A Beautiful Surprise-(Part 2)

Here is part two! Again, for those of you that follow C.D. Jamerson regularly you know that she has been working on a book project with the characters Chloe and Max.  The book is due on Labor Day, yet the prequel, tweets and updates about their back story were launched on Memorial day. I have had a blast seeing where she is going with story but given that it was such a change from her normal genre I asked her a few questions about it.  I convinced her to allow me to share it with others as it may help writers and inform her fan base of what’s on the horizon.

Part Two

Hailey:  Tell me about how the unique relationship between Chloe and Max…one of the taglines mention that they are trying NOT to fall in love?

Camille:  Well, without giving away too much of the story…Chloe is in destructive, sad marriage…but married none the less and she wants to honor that commitment.  Max is in a relationship with someone who he feels he is indebted to for helping him heal after a bitter divorce.   Both Chloe and Max know within themselves that the relationship they are currently in offer a level of comfort and stability but neither relationship is productive. So with the soul ties they have entwined in others..they work diligently to toe the line as their friendship evolves and spins out of control.

Hailey:  Now in the midst of this “pseudo” romance being built…there is also a mystery involved?

Camille:  Yes, actually most of that is revealed in the prequels (read them on this blog under the ChloeandMax1 link).  But it’s the mystery side of the story that actually propels Chloe and Max into a relationship of sorts.  The building of Chloe and Max and the solving the mystery are happening simultaneously.

Hailey:  If you had to give an example of a fictional couple that Chloe and Max reminded you of, who would you choose?

Camille:  Wow..well, its interesting but most of the couples that would best fit this were probably before your time {laughs}. They would be a cross between Maddie & David from an old show called Moonlighting..and Joshua Lewis and Reva Shayne from a daytime soap called Guiding Light.  Maddie and David were known for how well they played off of each other and there was this undercurrent of romance that lied dormant under solving cases and working together.  Josh & Reva had to be the most tortured love affair in history.  For many reasons..and Chloe & Max will not have an easy road. Remember as I said earlier, it’s their WOUNDS that attract them to each other..not anything superficial or shallow.  We just have to wait to see if what they build is as tough as some of these past supercouples.


Hailey: From what I know about you, you do NOTHING without purpose….even entertainment.  So what do you want your readers to glean from Chloe and Max’s story?


Camille:  Well, I do want them to have fun with it, laugh with them, cry with them….get frustrated..get angry…be surprised…be anxious..just become emotionally invested..WHY?  Because I believe their story will give many a safe place to really look at the scope of their commitments and relationships to see who and what is adding value and who or what is not. Also, to close the book and think how am I going to manage my relationships differently? Who deserves my attention? Who deserves some space? What will I settle for and what will I fight for?

Hailey:  As the last interview before the launch, is there anything you want to add or share?

Camille:  In August our focus will be promoting the book, making last minute edits and making sure that EVERYONE has read the prequel before the big launch on Labor Day! Follow @ChloeandMax1 on Twitter and Chloe and Max on Facebook. READ the prequel (RT your favorite lines) and get ready to see the book cover revealed on August 26th.  I have seen the draft and it’s SO perfect. Mackinaw Island is the perfect backdrop to this story and I am so glad to have involved my home state of Michigan!

ABS draft 3