YOU are the gift…

This Saturday I will be be presenting two workshops at the annual YOU ARE THE GIFT CONFERENCE.  This conference dedicated to young ladies between the ages of 11-16, is one of my favorite to participate in.  In addition to being able to shape im a speakerand plant seeds in young willing minds…I always come away with more than I go to give. My Corporation, The Kaiserin Group is always looking for and realizing opportunities to give back to our various communities and those less fortunate.  It remains one of our vision points to this day.  We volunteer, we sponsor different events, we are vendors and give of our time to teach instruct and mentor.  Fiscally, on paper its viewed as a loss in profit BUT one thing that we will look at when when close 2013 is what else was gained aside from money?

As many businesses end their fiscal year between October and December, lets be mindful that all success can’t be measured in profit. All profit doesn’t mean you are a success.

We have enjoyed a healthy prosperous year thus far with the AutumnChayce division, this (the CDJamerson division) and Healthy in the Hood.  However our biggest successes and highlights will be:

* Being a sponsor for Diamond inner city stage play

*Teaching in the Simply Love…Sha​ring Fashion Conference

*Being a sponsor for the American Heart Walk Association

*Teaching in You are the Gift Conference (3rd year)

What I believe we will realize is that the ability to effect change, provote paradigm shifts, support other businesses and endeavors, garner influence and respect is far more valuable in the long run that your P & L statement.  Sure, business is to make a profit …but LIFE is to make a difference. BE the gift.

Grace for the grind


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  1. You go girl!!! I am awed by your determination and drive!!! Keep grinding and I will keep praying! Love you!

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