2013 Fall Fashion Colors

Fall is my favorite season…for clothes ONLY. Other than that, I am into heat, warmth and High temps!  However, the colors Ive seen highlighted for this fall are moreso on the “cold” side and with the exception of maybe one..I love them ALL.  Those of us with more “melanin” in our skin can truly rock jewel tones. So if you happen to be a woman of color or have a real olive complexion…get ready THIS is your season!  But there is certainly something for EVERYONE!


  • Loden.. Creamy olive green
  • Pine…a colder green with low tones of blue
  • Peacock..a bright cold teal very light hints of green..more blue
  • Grapes.. Rich jeweled purple..creamy
  • Purple Fushia…its the grape color..with Pink overtones
  • Syrah… Its the grape color ..with red overtones. Its a jeweled wine color.

Lost-on-LombardHere are some cool, inexpensive ways to incorporate these colors besides clothes:

Nailpolish:  For example Essie has an awesome color called Go Over Board that is a cross between the Pine and Peacock.  or try the Lost on Lombard by OPI that red winey like “Syrah”.  Or a try adding it to yout makeup with a MAC Lippy such as “Media”.

20130909_093437Handbags: I just approved a new handbag for our #AutumnChayce collection and it the most rich Peacock/Teal color EVER!  Look for a Jewel Tone bag to set off a neutral low key, outfit.  I photographed it on something green, so you can see the depth of the “blue” in the bag.  I am SO in love with this color.  This bag/color gets ATTENTION.

Scarves and Accessories:  What about a scarf in that loden gloves“grape” color to set off a blouse in a grape and fuschia print?  Or perhaps grab a pair of leather gloves in loden!

There are many ways to add a blast of the cold calm colors of fall without breaking your budget.  Pick a color, and an accessory and step out looking BRAND NEW!!