9/11 The Day it all got real……….

“Mourning is not forgetting…It is an undoing. Every minuscule tie has to be untied and something permanent and valuable recovered and assimilated from the dust.” —Margery Allingham

September 11th will always be the day for me that I went from being oblivious to aware. I mourn with those that lost loved ones, livelihoods and have memories etched in their minds that will never be erased.  I also mourn what I lost, the peace in my naivety.  All of a sudden I realized that being an American citizen did not entitle me to supernatural safety and security.  It no longer meant that I would not be exposed to the horeflectrrors or terrorism that I saw in Middle Eastern countries.  I was free, yet my freedom was a target. It got real.

This country came together in the spirit of brotherhood in the days and weeks that followed. Flags flew everywhere. We were willing to give blood, money, supplies, a hug, whatever was needed to help us and others heal and persevere.  However, in all that we were willing to give no one could give us back our innocence.  Our American shaped box was no longer the haven of safety—It got real.

Before 9/11, this nation was known as the melting pot.. welcoming all, and was certainly considered the land of the free, in its truest sense. We did what we wanted. We traveled and came and went as we pleased. For the most part we were practically unchecked, unsuspecting and unmonitored.  Since then, America had has had to grow up pretty fast.  Now we have guards, barriers, checkpoints and barricades to protect and defend our citizens and guests. We began to side eye any “suspicious” looking people, bags, clothing, and conversations. It got real.

The Obama administration and the US Military finally eliminated the mastermind behind this attack, for which I am grateful. But twist it not, the spirit, hatred and motive behind 9/11 lives on.  We would love to go back to the good ole days and let our guards down. However a threat to our freedom is now always “possible” and will always be a possibility. Because of that reality, we as a country are changed forever. It got real.

One thought on “9/11 The Day it all got real……….

  1. I remember my grandson and your son exclaiming, why do bad things happen on his birthday. He experienced seeing a very dear minister, pass away, in church, during our communion service, o his birthday. Then next the trade center bombing.
    He needed to know that our family was blessed and very happy that he was born. Not only that, but God was well pleased, because He had an assignment already prepared for Javion. To God be the glory for the great and marvelous things He has done in and for Jaivon.
    To the families of the 9/11 my prayers go out to you. May you find comfort in knowing that others are remembering and praying for all ofyou.

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