YOU may be the enemy of your Vision

visionA house divided against itself cannot stand….

We may have heard this on occasion and it’s usually associated with people… i.e. a husband and wife not being in agreement.  But what I learned over the weekend is that you (Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit) are a “house” as well and you if you are not careful can be divided against YOURSELF.

Division is DI—-VISION…meaning more than one vision.  Some of us have so many things that you want we want to do, so many ideas, businesses, enterprises and in an effort be successful we try to do them all.  What usually happens is, some of your ideas end up being dehydrated and they die because you don’t have the time or resources to devote to seven things at once.  You are divided against yourself and you cannot stand.

There has to be uniformity with everything associated with you.  Your personal brand has to mean something and stand for what you are about.  When people see your name, your logo, your business, your attire, your conversation, your webpage, your collaterals.. they all need to point to what the ONE vision is for yourself.  It’s not to say that you can’t have multiple businesses.  Multiple streams of income are important.  BUT to be a professional golfer, a full time mechanic, an IT consultant, and run a housekeeping business may be TOO diverse and will cause confusion with your audience and more importantly cause confusion with you.  This revelation is causing some changes that I will be making in 2014.

I am a communicator and an organizer of chaos.  Everything I do as a primary function should be about communicating or in a function of “bringing order”. Does that mean I can only be an author or project manager? Not at all.  For example, I can communicate through writing, acting, TV, radio, teaching, editing, and mentoring. Many avenues and streams can be used to accomplish what I am designed to do.  BUT for me to look to becoming a pharmacy tech would be way on the other side of crazy and I don’t need a rocket scientist to tell me that that “idea” does not line up with the overall vision for my purpose (s).

In this 4th quarter, it’s time to take stock of not just your year but your life in totality.

What are you working on that will live on after you are off the scene?

What are your engaged in that you truly don’t have the passion for?

What do you have under your employ that needs be delegated to another?

Are you in the right line of business?  If yes, what can you do to multiply your efforts?  If no, what steps are you taking to detach from what is draining your energy?

Before you go back into the game next year, take time to be certain that you are not divided against yourself.  You cannot be productive in 2014 with several visions causing division in your “house”.

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