NaNoWriMo 2013…

Its my fifth anniversary with #Nanowrimo!!

Wondering what in the WORLD that means…??
In November, a online community of thousands sets aside the entire month to write a novel of 50,000 words or more. It’s not a “contest” per se’ but you are encouraged to finish and there are forums, suggestions, ideas, advice and help for you at every turn.

nanowrimoThere is information to help you deal with writers block, to help you find a place to study, to help when kids keep interrupting, how to write during the Thanksgiving holiday, what to name your main characters’, nieces’ friend. Its great to get on there and find help in whatever area you need. What’s even better is to see others that are having your same struggle. You feel like as my dad would say “fellows in the same ship” and all of a sudden you don’t feel alone in your fight to meet your goal.

As I get prepared for NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) I look forward to the camaraderie as much as I do the writing. The novel writing is fun. You are writing off the top of your head for the most part. Its exhilarating and interesting as you see raw ability and imagination being pushed to the limit. Its also just a fun to log on, on a day that you can’t go any further and see 20 people send you a message in 2 minutes encouraging you to push forward.

If you are interesting in signing up…its free and its NOT TOO LATE.  But hurry on board so you can start planning your novel in outline or storyboard form.  Writing before 11/1 is frown upon.  Everyone is asked to be accountable and be on the honor system.  Check out If you register, look me up..I’m CDJ and come November 1st I will be burning the midnight oil for a month to keep my commitment to make writing a priority in my life and would LOVE to see you there!