How to reclaim an unproductive day!

imageHave you ever had a day where you seem to get NOTHING done at the office? The lack of productivity can cause a cycle of frustration leaving you unmotivated to be productive…so you accomplish little…have another unproductive day and the cycle continues.

Here are some quick tips to save the “day” and regroup for tomorrow:

1.  Make a list. I am a STRONG proponent of a strategy I call designing a daily #POD (plan of the day). You need to see what needs to happen and then determine what should be done first.
2. Get a small win! Find a task on that list that you can do quickly from start to finish and do that first. Checking that off the list will get you pumped to finish more.
3. Pump up the volume! Get some music playing in your office. Whatever inspires you to be creative and move! For me it changes…it could be the Snarky Puppy pandora station or a cd of gospel greats. Just turn it up and flow. If you work in a cube etc..use headphones :).
4. Detach. If productivity wanes mid day. Step away from the office. Go outside to you car for a few minutes. Walk around the block. Take a quick drive to the store. Refresh and regroup.
5. Shut your email down for 2 hours with an automated unavailable message… I.e Thank you for your email. I am currently working on a project that requires my undivided attention. I will be diligent to return your message as soon as I can.
Let’s reclaim all of that wasted time and become better administrators of ” ourselves ” and our resources. Would love to see your #POD for tomorrow.