Grieving is more than just the loss of a loved one…

griefJust had a meeting with an employee who wanted to talk to me about something he felt the employees were facing. He called it grief. Now, hear me clear no one has died or anything, but he said the best way to describe the morale was “grief”. Putting on my exec hat..I had to dive a little into that to see what he meant. This particular division is undergoing some major changes in processes and procedures and he said the team is simply grieving the way things used to be and the way things are compared to how they thought it would be. We reviewed some communications and strategy to employ and he was on his way.

But that got me to thinkin’….grief is a response to loss. So grieving could describe other things besides mourning the loss of a loved one. It could be the loss of a long term dream, a staunch ideology, perspective, simplicity, an income, innocence, hope or simply “the way things used to be”…and those losses can be devastating as well. Sometimes when you can’t seem to understand why you are so “upset” about an issue…maybe it isn’t displaced anger or wild hostility…perhaps its a stage of grief.Yet, its a STAGE…not a destination. Don’t overstay your welcome..keep working through it until you have what I call a “functioning peace”. (meaning it ain’t alright, but its alright enough for me to let go of what I thought, wanted or expected and function in my adjusted normalcy)