3 QUICK tips to help simplify your life

You have heard it said that “less is more”. We tend to nod in agreement that the concept is true; yet simplifying our lives seems to be one of the most complex projects imaginable.  How is THAT for an oxymoron?  Guru’s want you make lists, determine what’s important, search your inner self and all sorts of pre-work. Instead let’s try making the process for simplifying your life….well, SIMPLE.simplify

There are three major categories that serve as the antidotes for everything you have on your plate. If you can apply one of these to your tasks no matter what it is, life will get simpler.

  • Automate-Everything that you can make automatic within reason, DO IT. Bill paying, direct deposit into various accounts, auto reminders set on your phone or calendar for birthdays, anniversaries, exercise, car service, pills etc.. Also use a service like Hootsuite to automate your social media.
  • Delegate-If you are a part of a team, be sure that you are not carrying more than you ought. NO is a complete sentence. Be creative! You can also “delegate” driving every day to public transportation. You would be surprised how much work, phone calls and reading you can get done when you don’t have to worry about the road.
  • Eliminate-There are some things to just STOP doing. Do you really need to have your children in band, ballet, track, and art? THEIR schedule is wearing you out and you have the power to stop it. Eliminate clothes, clutter, and media overconsumption. No life can be simple with an influx of negativity and drama. For the sake of peace and serenity, work diligently to eliminate the access of negative people into your circle.

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