The Power of Influence

influenceI’ve heard this quote before and understood it to a degree but until just a few weeks ago, could never really apply it.

“The key to successful leadership today is influence not authority …K Blanchard

At a recent outing, one of my goddaughters said something that turned over in my head consistently. She mentioned posting a picture on Facebook of something that she had done. She wasn’t sure how I was going to react. She told me when I “liked” her picture, commented on how beautiful it was and expounded on the meaning…she was so relieved.

I had no idea that my opinion mattered. But because of her respect for me and I shall take the liberty of saying, what I mean to her…what I thought made a difference. Talk about humbling? I don’t carry a ranking position or title in her life. I don’t pay her nor am I her creditor. I have no authority over her or her decisions….Just the impact of influence.

Thus, the responsibility of influence is nothing to be toyed with. If you are graced with and given the ability to influence the lives of others, take that SERIOUSLY. Be mindful what you say and how you respond to them. Be transparent and gracious.

Understand that people you don’t even realize are watching are paying close attention to you. They are mimicking your moves, and absorbing your thought processes. Show them your success AND your scars. Share your triumphs as well as your trials. And when you get a chance, visit their page…see what they are doing, maybe click like, RT them or leave a comment. Let them know you are paying attention. It could be make a world of difference.

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