Who we are: The Kaiserin Group is a global corporation that houses and manages numerous businesses, all geared toward innovation, creativity, community and organizational excellence.

Nationally recognized award winners:

IBD Award Winner; November 2012
Real Media–Michigan Chronicle W.O.E award; March 2012

Who we help: Our businesses are various and the scope of service is massive. If you are a C-Suite executive that needs an EA, our TKG division can help. If you are a community organizer that seeks a speaker that can speak to healthier eating tips and how to shop smarter then our Healthier in the Hood area could assist. Our author CDJamerson not only writes books and executive speeches i.e state of the company addresses and employee correspondence but she also trains executive and administrative assistants to become Chiefs of Staff material. Our AutumnChayce division [being revamped in 2015] is for the astute, unique woman who seeks handbags and accessories not found in every local store.

We are vast but EXCELLENCE is still demanded in every area.

Who we seek: Are you a small business owner that needs a larger corporation to be their “umbrella”, or are you seeking to retire soon and want to wean your business into a corporation so the vision is protected? Talk to us today…We can help.

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